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The 2Minds Academy specialises in theory and practice of creating strong sustainable connections between individuals, groups and organisations. The training is based on proven methods with a 45 year history of success in the most difficult situations and is informed by successful clinical level work with thousands of clients.

The 2Minds Personal Skills Course

This specialised four module video based course provides essential skills to develop sustainable connections between two or more individuals, with powerful strategies to enhance your level of social and work environment success.

Topics covered include both theory and practical implementation in understanding:

  • Why creating and maintaining warm connections to others is so important for you.
  • Four secrets about relationships and connections that very few know.
  • Why things go wrong so often and what to do about it
  • Personal relationships
  • Family relationships and the critically important relationships with children
  • Developing and maintaining mutually beneficial connections to friends
  • How your mind REALLY works and its role in driving your connections with others.
  • The effects of unconscious programming during your first critical 5 years.
  • The role of a poor underlying self image in your daily interactions.
  • The damage the I-Virus does to your well-being and your future successes or failures.
  • The Relationship Triad that underpins ALL connections, personal and business.
  • Simple strategies you can use daily to keep your connections sound and sustainable.
  • Developing confidence to reach out, helping yourself and others to thrive.
  • Connections with colleagues and why they are so important to your well-being
  • Connecting to the bosses for the benefit of everyone.

Assessment: Each module is assessed for completion using short multiple choice questionnaires to ensure you get the most out of the course. A Certificate of Completion is issued at the successful completion which can be verified by other stakeholders if your course is implemented as part of a work training program.

The 2Minds Management Strategies Course

This unique course is designed specifically for management at all levels and organisation types and business owners. It is a NINE MODULE course, delivered online at your own pace. It is designed to teach both theory and practice of using the personal skill sets from the Personal Strategies Course (which is included in this course) and implementing these powerful strategies across a part of or an entire organisation of any size.

The first four modules are the modules of the Personal Strategies course because experience shows us the management often struggle with these skills themselves. When implementing the Personal Strategies course across an organisation you also need to know and understand exactly what your staff will be doing.

The other five modules focus on the practical elements of developing an emotionally intelligent approach to recruiting based on common Values, communications that are understood by all and enthusiastically implemented and developing and implementing an organisational ethos that enhances well-being, increases productivity and lowers costs.

This course includes:

  • The four modules of the 2Minds Personal Strategies Course
  • The research behind the success of implementing and emotionally intelligence organisation ethos.
  • Developing a REAL Values based structure that matches that of your primary markets and stakeholders.
  • Strategic HR Planning based on a proven people driven organisation.
  • How to implement the 2Minds Personal Strategies certification program across an organisation.
  • The Happiness Factor and is affect on productivity
  • Teaching self-care as part of a productivity strategy
  • Why recruiting for Emotional Intelligence affects cohesion, congruency and performance.
  • Why mutual respect is critical in creating and maintaining a sustainable work environment.
  • How to determine the internal and observable organisational Values base needed for its marketplace.
  • Matching Values to your clients and other stakeholders.
  • Values recruiting to enhance cohesiveness and well-being.
  • Daily practices within an organisation.
  • Designing communications so they are understood by everyone.
  • The power of an edifying workplace.
  • Implementing a Solutions Only top down approach to problem solving.
  • Successfully handling change implementation EVERY time it is needed.
  • HR and training strategies.
  • Recognising performance of individuals, departments and the entire organisation in meaningful way.
  • Pain and resistance free business expansion.
  • How to handle difficult personnel without disrupting the rest.
  • and much much more…………

This course also includes regular online support calls for discussion and problem solving and a Certificate of Completion is issued on successful completion. As with the 2Minds Personal Strategies Course, your certificate has a unique identifier which can be verified if the course is part of a company training program.

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