Are you a Management Superhero?

The Management Superhero learns skills that go beyond the normal systems focused management style

Definition of superhero

: a hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers also : an exceptionally skillful or successful person

Management Superheros are people who have certain skills way above the average with a focus on leadership and priorities that dramatically improve organisational outcomes.

OK, so that may not sound spine tingling exciting when you are trying to drain the swamp whilst you are up to your waste in crocodiles, but let me ask you a question. Why do you need to drain the swamp in the first place? That’s where crocodiles live!

Research clearly shows that management skills that make a difference are constantly eroded or replaced by the “business of doing business” – the systems, technologies, next shiny object syndrome, meeting budgets against all odds and strategic planning outcomes that are often designed with a crystal ball. This is ordinary management that almost always evolves into elevated and unsustainable anxiety in both the manager and the staff.

A Management Superhero has a deeper understanding of business and sets the foundations as a priority, not the superstructure of the business. So, what are the foundations on which ALL business and organisation rest on that get ignored more often than not? At very best they get relegated to a low rung on the ladder of priorities.

The real secret that all Management Superheros know is that, no matter what your business or organisation does, its very core and lifeblood are its people. It is people who are the vital link in every area and system in an organisation, but few managers ever bother to understand the people in their organisation – how they think, their emotional responses or why they behave the way they do. For most managers all this seems a little too hard.

For instance, are you aware that every single manager or employee in your organisation is unique, with a unique set of programmed beliefs and Values that more often than not DO NOT ALIGN with the Values of you or your organisation! Have you ever wondered why only 21% of your staff are actively engaged in what they are doing? Or why implementation of change in an organisation fails 70% of the time? Or why staff turnover and retention of clients are so low, both of which cost a large chunk of profit and productivity?

Longitudinal studies over many decades have shown that if the bulk of people in an organisation are treated exactly the same expectations of performance need to be lowered dramatically. Self-image issues, imposter syndrome and poor interpersonal skills can bring an organisation to its knees and cause massively expensive strategies to try to keep in front of the crystal ball strategic plans you must work to in your role as a manager.

The fact is that human beings are programmed to be ordinary in their early years. This creates many internal anxieties and doubts as they move through live, restricting well-being, health and motivation. Neither you nor your staff actually control your behaviours, thoughts or emotions on a rational basis. So if you want to be a real Management Superhero you must understand the underlying programs, Values and drivers of yourself and the foundations of your organisation – its people.

We are offering you a deeper insight of these issues and solutions that will bring you to Superhero status in your organisation. First we need to understand what your management style is. Then you will be given free access to some very powerful learning and skills, absolutely free over the next week.

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